Client Testimonials

My wife and I first met Aimee at the 2012 annual dog show at McCormick Place in Chicago. At that time we had a senior border collie/lab mix (Tara) that was beginning to have difficulty standing up and walking (she was 15 years old). We had Aimee come to our house and perform some massage therapy on her and she responded very well. It became a regular thing and we believe that it helped Tara live to 17 years of age. She has also done some therapy on our 2 rescue dogs - Gimli, a golden retriever, and April, a Bernese mountain dog. April has a history of abuse and has some significant trust issues, but Aimee knew exactly how to handle her and the two bonded quickly. We have also been using her dog sitting services regularly.

We cannot say enough good things about Aimee. She is a sweet, knowledgeable and gentle soul that has a true love of dogs and a gift for earning their trust. She is prompt, responsible, and trustworthy. It gives us great piece of mind knowing that she is with our dogs when we travel. If you have been contemplating massage therapy for your dog and/or are in need of dog sitting services, look no further. Aimee is definitely the best of the best.
— Michael

Aimee was recommended to me as a resource after my 4 year old Beagle mix ruptured a disc. I was told she had experience in caring for her own pups who were experiencing mobility issues. I was looking for anyone who could help me navigate the scary and difficult realities of having a newly incontinent dog whose mobility was compromised. I feel truly lucky to have been connected with Aimee. During the last three years, I have frequently sought out her expertise and advice about everything from specialized diets to behavior changes to emergency massage visits in the hopes of calming my dog’s spastic muscles.

I recently went out of town for a long weekend and entrusted my dog to Aimee’s care. This is something I never thought I could do as differently-abled and elderly dogs have idiosyncratic needs that only owners can satisfy. I am happy to report that this assumption is not true. Not only did Millie receive the most attentive and specialized care — care that boarding facilities do not offer— but my mind was put to rest while out of town. I was not worried about her well being as I knew Aimee is the most qualified and compassionate care giver. Millie’s quality of life has improved because of Aimee. I highly recommend any of her canine services as your dog will truly benefit from the experience.
— Megan

My experience in co-treating patients with Aimee of Beloved Canine has been overwhelmingly positive. She has demonstrated consistent professionalism with pet guardians, as well as patient and skilled touch to the dogs in her care. Aimee has proven very willing to regularly communicate her findings to the dogs’ medical providers, fostering a comfortable and effective team approach to treatment.

Aimee has an excellent understanding of canine functional anatomy and applies this knowledge in creating individualized treatment plans for each dog in her care. Further, Aimee has a firm grasp on multiple forms of body/energy work, allowing her to provide a very comprehensive treatment style. I will continue to offer my unreserved recommendation for Aimee’s work thru Beloved Canine.
— Dr. Kimberly Curtis | Handle With Care Home Vet Service

Aimee has an amazingly calming quality and is extremely knowledgeable. Another benefit of working with Aimee is that she comes to your home where our pets are the most comfortable so they can settle down and enjoy the deep relaxation of the massage. I can’t begin to put into words the gratitude I feel for her help in keeping our boy feeling well.
— Linda

While we hate to admit it, we hesitated to post this review for fear Aimee will become so busy she won’t be able to provide care for our fur baby in the future. She is a rare find - a true companion to dogs and an amazing spirit. We are particular about with whom we leave our senior differently-abled pug, but after speaking with Aimee via telephone, we felt confident she was a great fit. Upon meeting her in person and seeing how she related to our pug, we had no hesitation. She is calm and compassionate, punctual and professional. Aimee provided dog sitting services and we also utilized her therapeutic canine massage services. Wow! We saw significant improvement in our pug’s mobility after just one session. We highly recommend her as a pet care provider and encourage others to take advantage of her additional services including canine massage and bodywork.
— Tasha

Aimee has been working on my pug for several months and I see improvements in his mobility. She is also good with other dogs. She has massaged my pit bull mix on several occasions. She is great with both breeds. She has such a calm demeanor that I even feel better after her session. I recommend her to everyone I know. I truly believe that massage benefits and even enhances my dogs lifestyle. I also want to add that she teaches me the techniques she uses so I can massage him as well. Honestly, I could write a novel about how amazing she is but I suggest that you contact her and find out for yourself.
— Anita