essential oils

Oils Are Essential

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As my canine clients know, essential oils are a big part of many of my massage sessions. I also use oils at home, for myself and for our dogs. When we were providing Lucy with hospice care, we made essential oil treatments a key part of nearly every day we shared with her. I believe the oils helped her be more calm, promoted greater appetite for food and water and, ultimately, provided an important ritual and a chance for us to show Lucy how much she meant to us.

When working with my canine clients, I tend to use a lot of oils that focus on calming and pain relief. Some of my clients are obsessed with their oil treatments and get really excited to see them in my bag when I arrive for their appointment. Some of my clients slip into a deep sleep sometime in the middle of their treatment. Most pet parents report that they love the way their dogs smell after their massage and feel more relaxed just by being around when the oils are administered. 

There are many companies that produce excellent essential oils. I tend to work mostly with oils by Young Living. My go-to oils include Pan-Away, Copaiba, Thieves, Frankincense, Lavender, Raindrop, and Sacred Mountain.

We also diffuse oils at home. Diffusing oils creates a peaceful and healing environment and it also helps cut back on the aroma of dog that seems to be ever present in our apartment! 

Consider adding essential oils to your home pet care routine - you'll get an aromatherapy treatment just by snuggling up to your dog. That's what I call a win-win!