about beloved canine

Beloved Canine is Chicago's premier canine massage and pet sitting business dedicated to senior and differently-abled pets and their people. As a licensed massage therapist, I know that massage and bodywork can have a profound affect on the overall well-being of humans and animals alike. I founded Beloved Canine in 2011 after my two senior pugs, Lucy and Ethel, became paralyzed. Working with Lucy and Ethel opened my eyes to the disparity of services available to senior and differently-abled pets in Chicago. Beloved Canine believes that all pets, no matter their physical condition, can live whole and happy lives given the right support. 

Please note, massage and other bodywork modalities are not considered a substitute for veterinary care. They are a complementary form of health care. Beloved Canine recommends routine veterinary care for your dog or cat. If your pet has any symptoms of injury or disease, please consult with your veterinarian before starting any massage program.